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Posted in Daily life by Aggy on May 29, 2009

I’m feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed.
I’ve quite a number of things to post and the load is getting heavier. Opps!

May be blogging: Gunung Datuk trip

Am thinking of blogging: Sekudu, Tuas

Will definitely be blogging but will take long time: JAPAN backpacking trip

Upcoming trip that need to blog: Semakau walk this Sunday

My blog is still under construction and I need to add stuff …


oh wow

Posted in Daily life by Aggy on May 16, 2009

I am back from Gunung Datuk and I’m feeling really tired so this post shall be a fast one.

It was not an easy hike for a first-timer like me but definitely a manageable one. I felt emo at times lol.

Even so, I really enjoyed it!!

The view at the mountain summit was just fantastic and worth all the sweat and effort.

The seafood we had for dinner at Johor Baru before going back to Singapore was also shiok! :)

Will be going down to NUS to help the Rovers clean their stores, since a last minute change in family gathering meant that I am free today (Saturday)!



Away for 2 days

Posted in Daily life by Aggy on May 14, 2009

It is 12.30am and I should be asleep right now because I have to wake up at 4am but heck! :P
I need to go online before I will be away from my computer for 2 days.

Why? Because… I’m going on a hiking trip to Gunung Datuk in Malaysia with NUS Rovers today and tmr.
Thanks Hen for introducing NUS Rovers to Meiyi and I… since we are not from NUS.

You can sign up for the adventure trips with NUS Rovers too even though you’re not a student from NUS.
Here is their website: NUS Rovers Adventure Club

As to where and what you can see at Gunung Datuk, you can check this web:
Gunung Datuk

Wow the final rock obstacles look kinda cool (and challenging) from the picture. Good exercise! :D I look forward to the view at the summit as well! And I know this sounds crazy but I still have no idea where Gunung Datuk is despite the location being stated in this website. Haha! :P

I’m feeling sleepy and I can sense that I will be typing gibberish soon.

au revoir!

Will be back this Friday.

PS: This blog is still under construction and I will be adding more stuffs to the blog when I return. Plus, I will be blogging about my backpacking trip in Japan! :)

facebook quiz

Posted in Random! by Aggy on May 12, 2009

Yes yes, I need to pack my room!! *nagging to self*

But before that… let me do a facebook quiz. haha
Random note: Sometimes I wish Facebook isn’t all about quiz quiz quiz. :(

I was about to log out until I saw this one and since it has only one question, why not? :)

What your birth date reveals about you

Okay I’m sure you must have seen this type of quiz numerous times but this one’s pretty good, in my opinion. I’m born on the 30th so here goes…

Your birthday on the 30th day of the month shows individual self-expression is necessary for your happiness. You tend to have a good way of expressing yourself with words, certainly in a manner that is clear and understandable. You have a good chance of success in fields requiring skill with words. You can be very dramatic in your presentation and you may be a good actor or a natural mimic. You have a vivid imagination that can assist you in becoming a good writer or story-teller. Strong in your opinions, you always tend to think you are on the right side of an issue.

Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Joseph Stalin were born under the number 3.

I can’t imagine life without expression! Come to think of it, I think this shall be my 2nd favourite word after ‘experience’. Vivid imagination… I dream a lot (seriously!). Ahhaha… the last sentence reminds me why I can be stubborn (or even obstinate) at times so being opinionated can be my downfall and I’m aware of that.

You can try it here: Quiz

birds @ btnr

Posted in Sightings by Aggy on May 11, 2009

Today at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (BTNR), I saw this tiny cute frog at the side of the pathway, a snake, monkeys, smelled garlic somewhere (strong smell!) and saw birds like the woody woodpecker and the racket tail bird.

Hen later told me that it was the greater racket tailed drongo bird that I saw. Oh wow. haha

It’s quite different from other birds that you see. There’s this ‘long tail’ protruding from its feathers. I wonder if I’m using the right terms but alas, I’m not an expert… just an observer so do check out these 2 links below:

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo mobbing Changeable Hawk Eagle

NParks Drongo pic

Semakau 1.5.09

Posted in Guided walks by Aggy on May 10, 2009

We all felt lucky on Labour Day.

First of all, we saw wild pink dolphins during the boat ride to Pulau Semakau.

“I’d thought I can only see them captive in Sentosa’s Underwater World!”… or so you thought. Yes but of course, they also swim in Singapore waters and this is my second time seeing them! Everyone got all jittery and excited! You can see people snapping away on their cameras. My camera was unable to capture the dolphins in action so I’ve no photographs but you can check out Ron’s blog entry, which has some decent photos and even a video!

What a great way to start the day, along with fine sunny weather :) The group that I guided this time was: Seahorse!

semk1Photo: A very quick shot with juvenile knobbly seastar

Seawater to the seastar is just like blood is to humans, they pump it to their body and use their tube feet to move around and burrow into the sand. So it is very important not to take them out of the water for long. Knobbly seastars can also come in different colours such as red, orange and brown. :)


We also saw about 3 to 4 upside jellyfish on that day. The photo on the right is what you would see when you first spot it. On the tentacles of the jellyfish are symbiotic algae, where food made by the latter goes to the jellyfish. And in order to photosynthesize better, the jellyfish stays upside down to get sun exposure! Hence it’s name: upside down jellyfish. The photo on the left shows the jellyfish not in an upside down position.


Sponges are aplenty as we walk and we spotted them in various colours, such as purplish-pink (photo above), orange, brown, black etc. In case you thought sponges are plants, they are actually simple animals that constantly pump water through their bodies. Hence there’s the so-called free supply of ‘aircon’ for the animals that live inside the sponges. However, it is advised not to touch the sponges as they can contain toxic chemicals.


This noble volute had just finished laying eggs and the egg capsules are on the right side of the photo. The noble volute is a sea snail that is currently threatened due to people collecting it for its pretty shell or for food.


Do you know that when you take away a shell, you are taking a home from an animal such as the hermit crab? As a hermit crab grows it needs a bigger ‘house’, just like how we outgrow our baby clothes. The photo above was taken during one of the exploratory trips to Semakau last year. Similarly, even though a noble volute may be dead and the shell is empty, you will never know when a hermit crab may take over it.


What’s more pleasant than to see your ‘own kind’? The Seahorses managed to see the hero-in-action on that day! Mothers will know the pain one has to go through during child birth. For the seahorses, the ‘burden’ is shared with the father. The female deposits the eggs into the pouch of the male where they become fertilised, thus making the male seahorse ‘pregnant’.


On our way back, we found this tiny frogfish. It doesn’t look like the black frogfish to me, so I think it is the spotted-tail frogfish.


We were also lucky to see the carpet anemone devouring its meal: a fish! Right time, right place. The carpet anemone has stinging tentacles which paralyses the prey, as seen above. One fish that does not get stung by the tentacles is the clownfish, due to the layer of mucus over its body. However, we did not get to see any clownfish on that day.

A list of what we saw in alphabetical order (from what I can remember):

C: creeper snails, common seastar, carpet anemone
F: fanworm, fiddler crab, frog fish
G: giant fluted clam
H: hairy crab, hermit crab, hard corals, heart cockle
K: knobbly seastar
M: mangroves
N: nudibranch, noble volute
O: ocellated sea cucumber, oysters
S: synaptid sea cucumber, soft corals, swimming crab, spider conch, scallop, seagrass, seaweed, seahorse, sponge
U: upside down jellyfish

It was also my first time giving the landfill tour on that day. I was pretty nervous about it but thank goodness it did not go array and my senior, July was there (in case anything happened :P). Well, if you count the impromptu one LK asked me to do last year (I think), this should be my second attempt, albeit a prepared one.

Overall, it was a good day and it was nice to see the dolphins again! :)

* Photo credits:
Carpet anemone devouring fish – Mel
Sponge and noble volute – Cynthia

The participants sent me the nice pics while I took the rest until my 6-year old Nikon camera died because it touched water. Looking forward to getting a new camera!