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Posted in Exploratory trips by Aggy on June 25, 2009

Yesterday it was Changi, today it’s Beting Bronok (BB).

Here’s what I saw at Beting Bronok, 25 June 2009 (from what I remember):
– Pencil sea urchin
– Gong gong
– Spiny sea star
– Sand star
– Knobbly sea star
– Cake sea star
– Biscuit sea star
– Brittle star
– Hairy sea hare
– Elbow crab
– Sponge crab
– Spider crab
– Swimming crab
– Velcro crab
– Flowery pot coral
Bushy slug
– Onyx cowrie
– Blue dragon nudibranch
Yellow foot nudibranch
Cuthona nudibranch
– Bohol nudibranch
– Morray eel
– Thorny sea cucumber
– Smooth sea cucumber
– Purple sea cucumber
– Sandfish sea cucumber
– Glass anemone
– Carpet anemone
– Spotted black flatworm
– Purple-spotted yellow flatworm
– File fish
Baler volute aka Melo melo
– Noble volute
– Sponge
– Window pane shell
– Fan shell
– Mussel
– Octopus
Copperband butterflyfish
– File fish
– Cat fish
– Sea pen
– Hydriods
– Sea squirt

Samson also saw many seahorses, which we didn’t see as we were on another side.


Below are some videos I took during the exploratory trips at places such as Changi beach, Beting Bronok (BB) and Pulau Hantu. Sorry about the quality… they are amateur videos :)

Spider crab at Changi *listen to the audio*

Gong gong at BB *flip flip flip!*

Flatworm at Hantu *swimming*


Will probably blog about Changi and BB in more detail later this week with photos!

For now, I must turn in as there’s Semakau guided walk the next morning.



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  1. Lyn said, on June 23, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Thank you for your story and beautiful photos of sea worms and nudibranchs! It looks like it was a lovely trip for you. I hope to see them myself some day.

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