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raindrops are falling on my head

Posted in Daily life by Aggy on July 6, 2009

I love it that it’s raining today.

The weather’s cool and things seem peaceful.

My hair falls down nicely and looks kinda straight and neat… just the way I’ve always liked my hair to be. However it was always not the case during non-rainy days.

I’m glad I cut my hair… although it has been a few weeks already. It’s more me! When I had long hair, I felt I was bogged down by something and it is kind of high maintenance don’t you think? Then again, sure… long hair makes someone feels more feminine but it just doesn’t suit me. Either that or I didn’t have a nice hairstyle.

Hair aside, I have 18 days left in Singapore and I still haven’t packed a single thing! Not even choosing the luggage.

My room is messy and nope… haven’t packed it. But I know that when I get to it, I do it at lightning speed haha!

So, shall I have a list for tmr then?

– Wake up early to go swimming (I miss swimming a lot… My love for swimming had better prove stronger compared to laziness)
– Play the piano (attempt to play a bit since I’ve not touched it for a long time)
– Pack my room
– Start picking out stuff and packing my luggage
– Blog about my Japan trip
– Start working on my 2 secret projects

That’s how I intend to spend my Tuesday.

Now that I’ve stopped working for this month and camp is over (I miss camp! :'( ), I’m left with outing/meet-up days and free days.

So…… so so so….

This coming Saturday will be my last Semakau trip this year. *sobs* My last exploratory trip will also be on the day I’m leaving (that’s the reason why I’m leaving later than planned)… Raffles lighthouse!! So glad I will have the chance to go there. I really hope the trip can materialise as the previous one was cancelled.

I’m also kind of lazy to blog about Changi exploratory trip I went with ks and sy last month. (still procrastinating). One can read about it from their blog entries respectively:

Beyong murky waters of Changi
Intertidals at Changi beach

I will be leaving on the 25th this month (sat) 1am flight but will check-in the night before. Which means Friday will be my last day here until I return during summer break.


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  1. eunice (soh) said, on July 10, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    i will mizz you ag!!!!!! )’:

  2. Aggy said, on July 11, 2009 at 12:22 am

    me too!!! :'( come visit me! hahaha :D

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