Journey of all sorts :D


Posted in Daily life by Aggy on July 11, 2009

Super happy!!!

Just returned from an outing with Erebus peeps! Erebus is my orientation group for Rovers Riveria camp 09′!

I can’t help but feel touched when they gave me a handmade collage consisting of camp photos and encouraging words for my studies in Aus!! I broke down when I received it, lol~ Haha dramatic? :P

I remember an almost similar thing like this happened in secondary school… after POP (passing out parade), my girl guides juniors gave me something… I still keep it and whenever I look at it I think of them :)

So yes, I’m definitely bringing this collage with me and should I ever feel homesick (do I even get homesickness?! haha) or I miss Rovers camp and Erebus peeps I’ll look at it and reminisce those times :D

Another Erebus outing next Tues?! YEAH!!! Can’t wait!

This camp somehow made me feel like I should study in a local university. Haha opps! =X

Time to go to bed.

Thanks for the wonderful Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (yummmm!), picnic, games, dinner and talk :)



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