Journey of all sorts :D


Posted in Daily life, Random! by Aggy on October 29, 2009

It has been a long time since I blogged. My apologies.

So yeah, I’ve been in Australia, in particular Perth for quite a while now… since July 25. Haha. For university of course!

Why did I suddenly feel like blogging?

I know I’m being rather sentimental here but today is the last day of my teen life. Yeah, the last day I am nineteen… Tomorrow I will embark my journey on twenty and a whole decade of twenties. Right, actually it is just another day but I can’t help but take note of it.

To those who don’t know, my 18th birthday was sucky. 19 was pretty ok. 20… well, I am celebrating it overseas. So will be my 21st (sigh!).

I don’t think anyone here in uni knows about my birthday though. Perhaps it will be a really quiet affair between the calendar and I. LOL right I should stop sounding as if it is something sad.

I haven’t had a birthday cake for years and I really crave for one. To those who get cakes during their birthdays and grumble about them, eat your cake sheesh. Haha.

Here’s how I intend to spend the last day of my teen life: Went for tutorial in the morning, ate a bit of food so my stomach wouldn’t grumble, did laundry and here I am, typing this before I continue with my assignment. Thereafter I will be baking something for a surprise dinner party tonight. No it is not my party. Someone organised it as her boyfriend would be leaving Perth this Sunday so it is kind of like a farewell gathering as well.

And the day I turn twenty: I will wake up in the morning for tutorial, come back and have lunch, go for another tutorial, return to my room to do assignment and then go for combined cell at night. There you go, pretty hush hush. Perhaps receiving wishes from Facebook yeah that’s about it.

I will be treating myself to an art performance this Saturday evening and Nandos with my friend. YAY NANDOS HAHA :P That will be the gift for myself I guess.

As to major events in my last teen year aka 19… :
* My group had a Fail grade for one project (the last semester in poly) – Bloody hell, it pulled down my grades!! And in my schooling life, I rarely had the F grade. I can even count them with just one hand! Hey, I am a good student :P

* Went backpacking with Car to Japan for about a month!!! That was one of my dreams in life. I saved up for 3 years to finance my own trip. I decided I wanted to do it when I was 16. What a memorable experience it was! Definitely more backpacking trips to come… I am already saving up for… perhaps New Zealand? I have no clue. Saving up is good anyway.

* Graduated from poly. I didn’t go for the ceremony though, I think I could not make it… I really can’t remember. I got my certificate, that was all it mattered.

* Applied for uni in Aus (I have to thank my parents for allowing me to study here). I wanted to study in Melbourne (always wanted to go there) but there was nothing on offer that I really wanted so here I am in Perth.

* Climbed Gunung Datuk in Malaysia. My first mountain trekking in Msia. :)

*Went for NUS Rovers Adventure Camp. It rocked!!! Love you all from Erebus!

* My last Semakau guided walk and landfill tour before I went to Aus.

* Here I am in Perth to start uni! YAY

* Lotsa enjoyable experiences in Perth… too many to list :D

* My first relationship, I learned a lot from it haha. Learned a lot about myself too. It was an experiment as well as an experience. Nah, I’m not the sort that goes looking for one… if it comes then it comes. If it goes it goes. Go with the flow! I am still young! Anyway, I can say I still prefer singlehood and my freedom!!!! :D

* Met lots of cool people… again too many to list :))

* 19 was not bad, it was quite fun actually!! Rollercoaster ride~


I should blog more often. Sorry to those who visited my blog but were disappointed to find no entries. I really promise to blog… even though school will be ending next week :P and I will be returning to Singapore thereafter. November 14!

I really miss my family and friends, plus the food… and some places (SEMAKAU!). Do I miss my country? Hmm, perhaps the shopping, conveniences of late supper (although I don’t really have the habit of eating supper) and the transport efficiencies. I MISS MY RADIO AND PIANO TOO!!! Music <3 Oh, my food recipes too :P

Hmm………… I really need to continue with my assignment.

Ciao! :)


less than 4

Posted in Daily life by Aggy on July 21, 2009

I’ve less than 4 days left in Singapore and I’ve finally gotten jittery. I’ve not finished packing my bags yet (now that’s not the main worry on my mind). The one’s that worrying me is that I have yet to add my units and plan my timetable. I need to read and plan.

I’m going out everyday this week, meeting friends and 2 upcoming exploratory trips (Bedok Jetty and Raffles lighthouse).

I’ve gotten an alarm clock that can ring and hopefully wake me up for school. $6, cheap, compact and basic.

I need to go research on the electrical plugs and go get an adaptor, if necessary.

I’m finally feeling something. Oh my!

I’m hellva procrastinator and I’m glad I’m feeling it now rather than later.

Thanks to Jamie for yesterday. Friends forever!!! :D

I’ll bring the erebus handmade collage, the photo and heart to Aus with me :) love everyone! will miss everyone too!!


Posted in Daily life by Aggy on July 12, 2009

I haven’t been feeling quite good since yesterday.

Let’s hope I’ll be fine… just in time for Tuesday’s Erebus outing.

When you pray, you must have faith. Faith in God that all will go well, that I will feel good again.

I thank God for answering my prayers last night.


Posted in Daily life by Aggy on July 11, 2009

Super happy!!!

Just returned from an outing with Erebus peeps! Erebus is my orientation group for Rovers Riveria camp 09′!

I can’t help but feel touched when they gave me a handmade collage consisting of camp photos and encouraging words for my studies in Aus!! I broke down when I received it, lol~ Haha dramatic? :P

I remember an almost similar thing like this happened in secondary school… after POP (passing out parade), my girl guides juniors gave me something… I still keep it and whenever I look at it I think of them :)

So yes, I’m definitely bringing this collage with me and should I ever feel homesick (do I even get homesickness?! haha) or I miss Rovers camp and Erebus peeps I’ll look at it and reminisce those times :D

Another Erebus outing next Tues?! YEAH!!! Can’t wait!

This camp somehow made me feel like I should study in a local university. Haha opps! =X

Time to go to bed.

Thanks for the wonderful Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (yummmm!), picnic, games, dinner and talk :)


raindrops are falling on my head

Posted in Daily life by Aggy on July 6, 2009

I love it that it’s raining today.

The weather’s cool and things seem peaceful.

My hair falls down nicely and looks kinda straight and neat… just the way I’ve always liked my hair to be. However it was always not the case during non-rainy days.

I’m glad I cut my hair… although it has been a few weeks already. It’s more me! When I had long hair, I felt I was bogged down by something and it is kind of high maintenance don’t you think? Then again, sure… long hair makes someone feels more feminine but it just doesn’t suit me. Either that or I didn’t have a nice hairstyle.

Hair aside, I have 18 days left in Singapore and I still haven’t packed a single thing! Not even choosing the luggage.

My room is messy and nope… haven’t packed it. But I know that when I get to it, I do it at lightning speed haha!

So, shall I have a list for tmr then?

– Wake up early to go swimming (I miss swimming a lot… My love for swimming had better prove stronger compared to laziness)
– Play the piano (attempt to play a bit since I’ve not touched it for a long time)
– Pack my room
– Start picking out stuff and packing my luggage
– Blog about my Japan trip
– Start working on my 2 secret projects

That’s how I intend to spend my Tuesday.

Now that I’ve stopped working for this month and camp is over (I miss camp! :'( ), I’m left with outing/meet-up days and free days.

So…… so so so….

This coming Saturday will be my last Semakau trip this year. *sobs* My last exploratory trip will also be on the day I’m leaving (that’s the reason why I’m leaving later than planned)… Raffles lighthouse!! So glad I will have the chance to go there. I really hope the trip can materialise as the previous one was cancelled.

I’m also kind of lazy to blog about Changi exploratory trip I went with ks and sy last month. (still procrastinating). One can read about it from their blog entries respectively:

Beyong murky waters of Changi
Intertidals at Changi beach

I will be leaving on the 25th this month (sat) 1am flight but will check-in the night before. Which means Friday will be my last day here until I return during summer break.


Posted in Daily life by Aggy on July 3, 2009

Just came back from Rovers camp and am dead tired.

Totally enjoyed myself though. Thanks Rovers peeps and Erebus rocks!!

I actually wore my contact lens for 28 hours!! oh my. Broke my Japan record of 16 hours.

Will have lots of stuff to blog but will spread them out over the next week.

For now, it’s SLEEP!


Packing time!

Posted in Daily life by Aggy on June 29, 2009

It’s time to pack as I will be away for a 4D3N camp from tomorrow to Friday.

NUS RAC CAMP! or Rovers adventure camp 09′.

Can’t wait for it… kinda excited actually.

Although it is planned for NUS freshies… it is opened to the public as well. Since I’m not from NUS and don’t have a chance to participate in their orientation camps… this is a good opportunity! Haha but I also enjoyed their Datuk hiking trip previously that’s why I signed up for this.

Amazing race, night cycling, kayaking, Pulau Ubin… wow sounds great! Although I’m not good at sports, who says non-sporty people can’t be adventurous? :P

My group will be Erebus, which stands for Underworld if I’m not wrong lol

I’ve less than a month left in Singapore so I better enjoy myself! My mum has been wondering where I get my energy from…  going out every other day. I’d say it’s better than staying and rotting at home everyday.


1 month

Posted in Daily life, Exploratory trips by Aggy on June 24, 2009

In exactly 30 days, I will be leaving Singapore for studies overseas.

Wow, time pass really fast! I will miss Singapore. I also look forward to adapting in a foreign land too!

I will miss…

The food here.
Channel 5, OKTO and 987fm.
My family and friends.
My nature walks.
My room.
My remaining clothes, bags and shoes that I’ve to leave behind.
My cabinet of CDs and DVDs.
The sounds and sights I’m used to.

But wherever I am, I will still see the same sun, the same moon, and hopefully more stars and planets.

I think I will really miss my friends… Facebook isn’t enough.

It’s like the difference between shopping in a mall and shopping online.

Which is why I hope to write letters, cards or postcards to my friends! :)
Web-camming on Skype too!


Today was one of the lowest tides we have this year and the 3 of us: KS, SY and I went to Changi for exploratory walk. My first time exploring Changi intertidal area! It was a nice trip, saw many things including pretty anemones and beautiful sea fans. The sea fans were really gorgeous!!

I won’t be blogging about Changi just yet because I’ve to sleep and wake up early for yet another exploratory trip later at Beting Bronok, near Pulau Tekong.

Maybe I will blog about it later this week.

For the gorgeous sea fans, can check out KS’s blog entry: Sea fan’s overdose at Changi

Time to go to bed!