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Posted in Exploratory trips by Aggy on June 25, 2009

Yesterday it was Changi, today it’s Beting Bronok (BB).

Here’s what I saw at Beting Bronok, 25 June 2009 (from what I remember):
– Pencil sea urchin
– Gong gong
– Spiny sea star
– Sand star
– Knobbly sea star
– Cake sea star
– Biscuit sea star
– Brittle star
– Hairy sea hare
– Elbow crab
– Sponge crab
– Spider crab
– Swimming crab
– Velcro crab
– Flowery pot coral
Bushy slug
– Onyx cowrie
– Blue dragon nudibranch
Yellow foot nudibranch
Cuthona nudibranch
– Bohol nudibranch
– Morray eel
– Thorny sea cucumber
– Smooth sea cucumber
– Purple sea cucumber
– Sandfish sea cucumber
– Glass anemone
– Carpet anemone
– Spotted black flatworm
– Purple-spotted yellow flatworm
– File fish
Baler volute aka Melo melo
– Noble volute
– Sponge
– Window pane shell
– Fan shell
– Mussel
– Octopus
Copperband butterflyfish
– File fish
– Cat fish
– Sea pen
– Hydriods
– Sea squirt

Samson also saw many seahorses, which we didn’t see as we were on another side.


Below are some videos I took during the exploratory trips at places such as Changi beach, Beting Bronok (BB) and Pulau Hantu. Sorry about the quality… they are amateur videos :)

Spider crab at Changi *listen to the audio*

Gong gong at BB *flip flip flip!*

Flatworm at Hantu *swimming*


Will probably blog about Changi and BB in more detail later this week with photos!

For now, I must turn in as there’s Semakau guided walk the next morning.



1 month

Posted in Daily life, Exploratory trips by Aggy on June 24, 2009

In exactly 30 days, I will be leaving Singapore for studies overseas.

Wow, time pass really fast! I will miss Singapore. I also look forward to adapting in a foreign land too!

I will miss…

The food here.
Channel 5, OKTO and 987fm.
My family and friends.
My nature walks.
My room.
My remaining clothes, bags and shoes that I’ve to leave behind.
My cabinet of CDs and DVDs.
The sounds and sights I’m used to.

But wherever I am, I will still see the same sun, the same moon, and hopefully more stars and planets.

I think I will really miss my friends… Facebook isn’t enough.

It’s like the difference between shopping in a mall and shopping online.

Which is why I hope to write letters, cards or postcards to my friends! :)
Web-camming on Skype too!


Today was one of the lowest tides we have this year and the 3 of us: KS, SY and I went to Changi for exploratory walk. My first time exploring Changi intertidal area! It was a nice trip, saw many things including pretty anemones and beautiful sea fans. The sea fans were really gorgeous!!

I won’t be blogging about Changi just yet because I’ve to sleep and wake up early for yet another exploratory trip later at Beting Bronok, near Pulau Tekong.

Maybe I will blog about it later this week.

For the gorgeous sea fans, can check out KS’s blog entry: Sea fan’s overdose at Changi

Time to go to bed!