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Song #1

Posted in Songs I L♥ke by Aggy on July 7, 2009

When you read: Electronica, what do you think of?

Techno music that you hear at clubs?


“Electronic music” is an umbrella term for any music that uses sound produced by electronic machines or electronic methods. “Techno music” is a subdivision of electronic music that is primarily dance-oriented.

I found the above explanation from Yahoo answers. Click Wikipedia for more.

Anyway, here’s one of my all-time favourite songs: Cherry Blossom Girl by AIR

AIR is made up of a French duo (they are both males! When I first heard their voices, I’d thought they were females) and their musical style is yes… electronica.

It is unfortunate I can’t seem to embed it here for streaming. So, please click on:

Aggy’s Imeem to listen to the song.

Initially, I liked this song because its melody was soothing, mysterious and addictive. It was after listening to the song several times that I began to listen to the lyrics carefully. The lyrics reminded me of an infatuation!

For lyrics, click HERE!

I’ve watched the music video once, wouldn’t want to watch it again and talk about it. Period. Just want to enjoy the sound, not the visuals, please.

My recommendation is to listen to this song at least once to appreciate its melody, then read the lyrics while the song is playing for the second time.

I’ll never get tired of this song. Truly one of my ultimate faves! :)



Posted in Songs I L♥ke by Aggy on July 6, 2009

I can’t live without music!

That’s who I am. Through the years, I’ve realised that I enjoy listening to sounds.

When you listen to a song, do you listen to the melody or the lyrics first? It’s the former for me. The melody attracts you to the lyrics.

This shall be a category/space where I post songs I enjoy listening to or have some special meaning or inference for me.

It’s not mass, it’s just personal.